Thursday , 21 January 2021
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Software Update: OtomaX 3.1.2

In this update there are some additional new features, including:

  • Supports SIM Toolkit (SAT) Siemens MC35i or compatible.
  • Cluster Management with area code. Area code can be set on the page resellers, providers, products, and module setting. Area code can be filled by zip code, area code, or your own codes. Area code can be filled with letters or numbers. On page provider, product and module setting, use the a prefix to include some code area, or it could be with comma delimiters.
  • Downline registration format supports [ownername] and [areacode] variable.
  • Format for reset downline’s pin (random pin) that can be done by the upline.
  • SMS Center / Sender on the branch server editions.
  • Column addition of a note on the product and provider page.
  • Web SMS Sender. Send SMS from web based SMS Gateway, using its HTTP API.

Files can be downloaded from the update thread on the Forum Orisinil.

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