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OtomaX 3.6.9 has been released

OtomaX Recharge Software has released update 3.6.9 Here are the revisions:

3.6.9 @5-Oct-2016
– New: Adding sender support \ character. Usually it needed when using XMPP transport, when profile using space.
– New: GTalk/XMPP automatically invite back after receiving invitation from member.
– New: Allowed QTY on module’s setting can be up to 1000 characters.
– New: IP Center has an option to allow transaction without [sign] parameter.
– New: IP Center supports checking transaction status. Just add “&check=1” into the standard transaction parsing.
– New: URL Check Balance, Transaction, Report on IP Center is case-insensitive.
Ex: trx, Trx, or TRX will has a same effect.
– New: Report URL on Member table can be uncompleted. OtomaX will be automatically completed based on the IP Address or sender in the Inbox.
Ex: If complete Report URL is then you may also input it as: report.
– New: PASSIP format to change IP Password. Default password is empty.
Empty password to in-activate IP transaction for the specified member.
– New: IPADDRESS format to change IP Address field. Add [oldip] parameter if you want to verify the old IP Address.
– New: REPORTURL format to change Report URL (URL to accept status report / callback).
– New: IM Center has server (domain) filter. Server names on the roster/friend list will be automatically added, no need to input them manually.
– New: New engine for IM Sender, lower CPU usage and better on broadcasting messages.
– New: BATALTRANS format to take back balance that has been transferred before (apply on the same date).
Balance amount that can be taken back is smaller or equal that total amount that has been transferred before.
– New: Setting – Others: “TransferSaldoLintas” to allow cross hierarchy balance transfer.
When transferring to member that is not a down-line, amount must greater than 0.
– New: IP Gateway, intermediary server that enables IP transactions although you has no static IP (without setting a router / network).
As “sedoter” (getting stock), the gateway server will receive a status report from suppliers and pass them directly to the module.
As a supplier, gateway server seemed to be an IP Center which can be accessed from the outside. Available for T16 Edition or higher.
The service is paid. Further info, please contact our partners.
– New: IP module, check Sender ID can be disabled (it does not check the response sender’s IP).
– Fix: Incomplete USSD reply on some modems. May be required to restart the affected modems.
– Fix: When sending reply command, status is still waiting. It should be Processing.
– Fix: Connecting database error while service database is loading.
– Fix: T32 edition supports IP Center.
– Fix: Reply column on Auto Response cannot be empty.
– Fix: Physical transaction cannot be proceed.

For download please visit Forum Orisinil.

For more information, please contact OtomaX Center or Partners.

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