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OtomaX 3.7.1 has been released

OtomaX Recharge Software has released update 3.7.1 Here are the revisions:

3.7.1 @4-Dec-2016
– New: Product Name on the Check Price pages.
– New: Changes OID. Influence: OH and IP Gateway will request re-entry password. It may be necessary to perform UBAHOID to the supplier/branches.
– New: Cross Balance Transfer moved from Settings to Group administration.
– Fix: Arithmetic overflow error for data type tinyint, when processing new transaction (with counter).
– Fix: When loading, IP modules only 255 maximum.
– Fix: Minimizes the appearance of error “The operation has timed out” and “Connection reset by peer” on the IP Gateway.
– Fix: Double Transaction reply could not show price parameter.
– Fix: Qty on IP module did not work properly.
– Fix: Area Code on Product or Provider did not work.
– Fix: Transactions on Dial/USSD or IP module stated Processing where reply command existed.
– Fix: Improves auto login on client.
– Fix: IM module was slow when processing the transaction queue.
– Fix: Web SMS Sender did not exist in the T2 edition.

For download please visit Forum Orisinil.

For more information, please contact OtomaX Center or Partners.

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