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OtomaX 3.7.4 has been released

OtomaX Recharge Software has released update 3.7.4 Here are the revisions:

3.7.4 @3-Apr-2016
New: Regex on the Response Administration page can store 1000 characters.
New: Compacts XML RPC response for human readability. Response setting may require small adjustments.
New: Group Price Administration. Emptying the price means blocking to the specified product (was -1).
New: Price gap on the Group Price must be >= 0.
New: Remarks (for status) on the Transaction table.
New: Catches more than 1 (one) success response without popping the Log.
New: Has an option “multi-threaded processing” on IP (Client) modules (for T16 edition or higher).
New: Logs user login event.
New: Limit data on the CS monitor.
Fix: Auto refresh on Transaction page did not work (come cases).
Fix: System Log auto refresh did not work.
Fix: If upline blocked products, the products can be still accessible by its downlines.
WARNING: If users experience the product inaccessible to a particular group, please search the highest level/group
and use the Price Check page to check whether the product appears. If product does not appears, then check again the block setting
related to the specific product in the Operator, Product, and Price Group table.
Fix: IP Center failed to check duplicate transactions when they happened simultaneously at the the same member.
Fix: XMPP Center did not show roaster’s online/offline events.
Fix: Client Mode could not re-send all pending IM transactions.
Fix: IP Center changes + character to space when processing inbox.
Fix: SqlException: String or binary data would be truncated when catching the responses.
Fix: SqlException: The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.
Happened on Windows 10 using specified time formatting (failed to recognize time format).
Fix: Client could not turn off the auto login.

Please contact your local sellers for assistance and support.
Information of OtomaX Center and Partners can be found here: http://www.otomax-software.com/en/kontak/

For download please visit Forum Orisinil.

For more information, please contact OtomaX Center or Partners.

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