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OtomaX 3.8.1 has been released

OtomaX Recharge Software has released update 3.8.1

Here are the revisions:
3.8.1 @24-Nov-2017
– New: Administration – Point Gift. Applies for T16 edition or higher.
Manages gifts that can be redeemed by member.
– New: Point column on Product table. Applies for T99 edition.
– New: Point coumn on Group table. Applies for T99 edition.
If it is checked, than OtomaX will use point (if available) on Product table.
– New: Point field on Transaction table for refund and reporting purpose.
– New: KurangPoin reply format for point subtraction manually done by user.
Was using TukarPoin format.
– New: TukarPoinGagal reply format for fail respon when reedeming points.
– New: LihatHadiahPoin request format for showing available gift list.
– New: Tools – Point Redeems. Applies for T16 edition or higher.
List of points and gifts have been redeemed. Fill in Delivery Date column to mark that gift has been given to member.
– New: Re-code Markup per product. Only need 1 (one) data for product markup applies to all downlines of the specified member, by adding .* (dot and start) at the end of member code.
Ex: RS001.* will apply to all downlines of member RS001.
– Fix: Now, TukarPoin format do not use [jumlah] parameter, instead use [kode] or [code ] parameter (gift code).
– Fix: Tools – Add/Subtract Point did not work properly.
– Fix: OH transaction subtract balance when it failed because of insufficient balance.

For download please visit Forum Orisinil.

For more information, please contact OtomaX Center or Partners.

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