Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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OtomaX 3.8.3 has been released

OtomaX Recharge Software has released update 3.8.3

Here are the revisions:
3.8.3 @26-Sep-2018
– New: Seting KomisiFull: Gives commission fully even it will reduce the profit/margin. 1=yes.
– New: Able to change price of postpaid transaction using Input SN / Ref… dialog.
– New: Tools – Kiosk.
– New: Struk Templat Path on the Provider table, used by Kiosk module.
– New: Initial Price column on the Product table. So postpaid reduce balance at the beginning transaction.
– Fix: “Arithmetic overflow error for data type tinyint, value = 500” when changing transaction status.
– Some fixes at jabber login process.
– Some fixes for postpaid transactions.

For download please visit Forum Orisinil.

For more information, please contact OtomaX Center or Partners.

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