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OtomaX 3.9.0 has been released

OtomaX Recharge Software has released update 3.9.0

3.9.0 @30-Jul-2019
– New: Supports APK version 1.20.
– New: Not allow to change markup column on the member grup table. Check it so member cannot change their downline’s markup.
– New: Suspend column on Member table. When checked, it will block member ignoring the active column value.
– New: Optimization flag to silent the Module Log. Key: TurnOffModuleLogs.
– New: Optimization flag to disable Blacklist checking. Key: TurnOffBlacklist.
– New: Setting to block Jabber ID that contains specified text. Right click on the desired IM Center, Global Settings – Block ids which contains.
– New: Block Produk on Grup table can contain 4000 characters.
– Fix: Deposite tickets (from APK) was not automatically cancelled when same number inputed manually.
– Fix: Blacklist validation when proccessing recharge transaction.
– Fix: Was, pending transaction will be failed when member status was changed to be not active.
– Fix: Error while processing inbox: Object reference not set.

For download please visit Forum Orisinil.

For more information, please contact OtomaX Center or Partners.

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