Wednesday , 16 June 2021
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Software Update: OtomaX 3.1.3

On this update, there are several new features:

  • GTalk ID box on Member Registration page
  • On Parsing, [tujuan] parameter can be written [number].
  • Shortcut F12 to show Context Menu on the module list. Click one of the module then press F12, then context menu will be shown.
  • Allowed Service Center numbers on SMS Center. Blocks SMSes sent from unwanted Service Center (SMS Masking cases).
  • USSD session, replies USSD responses. When parsing = *111#,1, system will send *111# first and waits for response. When response received, system will send command after comma (,) which is 1.
  • Quantity box on Manual Transaction
  • IP Module (text/xml based).

Some fixes and improvements, which are:

  • [saldo] parameter when reseting downline’s pin
  • Recognizes Internasional number on Inbox
  • Web SMS Sender [recipient] parameter
  • STK Initialization is not required for module to run
  • Terminal filter on Inbox cannot choose IM Centers
  • Fix for InvalidArgument=Value of ‘0’ is not valid for ‘SelectedIndex’ (refresh on Transaction page)
  • Reply SMS for not member status
  • Commas at [nominal] parsing parameter
  • [nominal] parameter not available on reply command
  • Downline registration with name or address more than 1 word.
  • Inbox YM/GTalk truncated to 255 characters
  • Improvement Reseller box on manual transaction, more user friendly.
  • Checks double number on downline registration
  • CS Monitor refresh, recent message on the bottom
  • CS Monitor, error raised when replying: Input string was not in a correct format.Couldn’t store…

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