Wednesday , 16 June 2021
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Antivirus “False Positive”

False Positive is an event where Antivirus recognize non-malicious files as malicious files (virus / trojan).

Since OtomaX issued an update version 3, many reports from users if the OtomaX file detected by Antivirus as a virus / trojan. This is because OtomaX using compression / encryption techniques that “may” is similar to an existing virus. Though similar compression / encryption technique is also used by many programmers to create real application (not a virus / trojan). This is evidenced by the many complaints of the programmers about the false alarm.

To overcome and in order to increase the convenience of using OtomaX, you may need to enter OtomaX file into the list of exceptions / exclusions of the Antivirus.

Make sure that OtomaX files you had comes from a trusted source to ensure that the file is not modified, and derived from a virus-free computer. (edit)

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