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APK Android

Price $240
Annual fee $28.80


  • The APK can be used for all editions
  • The APK does not support iOS
  • APK only supports Android 4.0 and above

Terms and Conditions

    1. The price includes 1 year Subscription.
    2. Before ordering, you have to order Online Backup. Online Backup
    3. Use the OnlineBackup version 3.17 or higher.
    4. Use the Otomax 3.8.7 or higher version.
    5. After the APK creation process is complete, for changes or revisions to be given free of charge as much as 1x. Furthermore, an admin fee of Rp 100,000 will be charged per revision.
    6. 1 month money back guarantee, starting from the date of order.
    7. PSubmitting a Warranty Claim through a dealer where you buy / process.

Parts that can be submitted for revision:

  1. Application name.
  2. Application icon.
  3. Icon notification.
  4. ColorPrimary, and
  5. ColorBackground.

For reservations, please contact Otomax Center atau our Partner.

Data needed

    1. Online Backup Id (if you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe first)
    2. Application Name (The name that will appear on the Google Play Store)
    3. Application Icon (Icons that will appear on the Google Play Store and Mobile Devices). PNG file format, size 192x192px (recommended) or 144x144px or 96x96px. Supports alpha / transparent
    4. Notification icon (The icon that will appear every time there is a notification on the Mobile Device). PNG file format, size 96x96px or 72x72px or 48x48px.
    5. ColorPrimary (optional) Default: # 3F51B5
    6. ColorBackground (optional) Default: #EEEEEE

Check the color, click here

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