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OtomaX Prices

  • Terminal count is a number of modems or such devices can be connected to the Software. Terminal count includes Licensed SIM Card (Dongle).
  • Transaction count is unlimited.
  • Standard modules: SMS Center / Sender, IM Center, IM Hybrid Host to Host, USSD/Dial, SIM Toolkit Application (STK/SAT), SMS Order/HTH, Keypad, Physic Voucher, and Web SMS Sender (HTTP API for sending SMSes)
  • IM Center support GTalk or other XMPP protocol.
  • IM Hybrid Host to Host is a module for transaction between servers using 1 (one) or more active IM Centers.
  • IP Client does not support signature (hashing).

Before buying, please try the Free Edition and read the License Agreement.

For order, please contact OtomaX Center or our Partners.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Price includes assistance for installation and setting to make sure that the Software can operate, free updates, email support for 1 (one) year.
  2. Subscription Period is the period in which Software can operate. Subscription shall be extended every year by paying the annual fee, which will be extended 1 (one) year after the previous expiration.
  3. Annual fee can only be paid a minimum of 1 months prior to the expiry.
  4. Upgrade to higher edition simply pay the difference in price (the price according to the latest), plus $10 administration fee. The upgrade process can only be done if it is still in the Subscription Period.
  5. Licensed SIM Card (dongle) replacement fee is $20. Replacement process can only be done if it is still in the Subscription Period. Old SIM Card must be submitted to us in good condition, not defects / scratch / bent, within 14 days. Sender paid the postage fee.
  6. 15 (Fifteen) days money back warranty in accordance with the License Agreement.
  7. Prices, terms and conditions may change at any time.

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