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Online Backup / Report

Online Backup is necessary because generally a disaster on a computer device can impact all storage components (eg hard disk) within the computer. Common disasters include sudden power outages, which are very dangerous for components such as hard drives. Other disasters such as lightning strikes can even cause greater disruption because it can also damage all the computers connected on the same network.

We provide Online Backup as an additional facility at a very affordable cost. We designed Online Backups to work efficiently in cpu and bandwidth usage.

Package Max. Daily Trx Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Basic 1.000 trx/day $12.99 $1/mo + $1*
Pro25 5.000 trx/day $12.99 $2.5/mo + $1.5*
Pro50 10.000 trx/day $12.99 $5/mo + $2*
Pro75 20.000 trx/day $12.99 $7.5/mo + $2.5*
Business 50.000 trx/day $12.99 $10/mo + $3*
Premium 100.000 trx/day $12.99 $20/mo + $4*
Enterprise 200.000 trx/day $12.99 $30/mo + $5*
Enterprise2 300.000 trx/day $12.99 $40/mo + $6*

  • Setup fee is charged only 1 (one) time at the beginning of registration.
  • Additional Monthly fee* is charged only if using Web Report service, which previously had to be activated first with a activation fee of $59 depending on the remainder of your OB’s subscription life. The amount of activation fee can be asked to CS or our partners.
  • Users are required to give a valid email (GMail or Google Apps recommended).
  • 1 (one) same email address can be used for multiple registrations.
  • Transaction and mutation data sent and saved only the last 1 day data. Unless enabling Web Report or Mobile App (APK) service, then the last 31 days data for transactions, and the last 7 days for balance statements.
  • When running OB.Restore application, download is limited to the last 3 days (for transactions and balance statements).
  • Size of data file is limited to 10GB. If it exceed 10GB, some data (order by date) will be deleted dihapus.
  • Upgrading package will be charged a prorated fee depending on the remaining subscription life. The subscription period will not be extend.
  • Downgrade package is free, does not extend the subscription period, and there is no refund fee.


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