Tuesday , 27 October 2020
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Otomax 3.3.4 has been released

For details, please visit Forum Orisinil. Read More »

OtomaX 3.3.3 and Laporan 2.1 have been released

Please download from Download Page Read More »

OtomaX 3.3.2 has been released

Version 3.3.2 fixes some problems that occur with version 3.3, namely: Error on physical transactions: TrxMan Error # 9: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Unstable results while reading mutation of Internet Banking BCA: Error: WebException:: The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server. Improvement ... Read More »

Antivirus “False Positive”

False Positive is an event where Antivirus recognize non-malicious files as malicious files (virus / trojan). Since OtomaX issued an update version 3, many reports from users if the OtomaX file detected by Antivirus as a virus / trojan. This is because OtomaX using compression / encryption techniques that “may” is similar to an existing virus. Though similar compression / ... Read More »

OtomaX 3.3 has been released

We would like to inform you that the update version 3.3 has been released. Changes in this version include the addition of several new features and improvements include: Reply column on the CS Monitor window, so you can determine which messages are replied. Timeout reply when the transaction was not processed after a certain time (timeout). Send SMS to the ... Read More »

(Indonesia) Diskon 10%, 10 Juni s.d 30 Juni 2013

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(Indonesia) Balasan M-Tronik Indosat berubah

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How to catch successful response of Vodafone India

Problem of Vodafone response is because some of the response contain the 91 country code and some do not. This is a sample of the response: Refill request of Rs. 58.0 for mobile no. 917837898500, transaction ID PB13395394021 is successful. Your account balance is Rs. 24404.17 Refill request of Rs. 58.0 for mobile no. 7837898500, transaction ID PB13395394021 is successful. ... Read More »

Feature Info: Flexible paramaters on transaction formats

*Applied to Version 3.2 or later With this feature, we can add our own parameters on transaction formats, then use them on Administration – Parsing Page so the parameter’s values can be sent to supplier/provider. Example: When transaction format: [kodeproduk].[tujuan].[pin].[hp] then we can use [hp] parameter on the Administration – Parsing Page. Read More »

(Indonesia) Harga turun untuk OtomaX edisi Advanced, Enterprise, dan Ultimate

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