Monday , 3 October 2022
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Software Update: OtomaX 3.1.3

On this update, there are several new features: GTalk ID box on Member Registration page On Parsing, [tujuan] parameter can be written [number]. Shortcut F12 to show Context Menu on the module list. Click one of the module then press F12, then context menu will be shown. Allowed Service Center numbers on SMS Center. Blocks SMSes sent from unwanted Service ... Read More »

Software Update: OtomaX 3.1.2

In this update there are some additional new features, including: Supports SIM Toolkit (SAT) Siemens MC35i or compatible. Cluster Management with area code. Area code can be set on the page resellers, providers, products, and module setting. Area code can be filled by zip code, area code, or your own codes. Area code can be filled with letters or numbers. ... Read More »

Hello world!

Developed with mission to be the fastest and the most accurate recharge load software, we release OtomaX, a new solution to give power into your recharge server. For details, click here. Read More »

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