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Developer profile

OtomaX was developed by an Indonesian named Yusuf Arief Rahmanto. He began to recognize the world of programming since 1994 while sitting in the STM (high school). Then in 1998 he decided to go deeper into the world of programming with Bina Nusantara University majoring in Computer Science. And thank to God, he graduated in 2003 with honors Graduates Top 10%.

In 2005, he took the Master of Computer Budi Luhur University, majoring in Computer Science. But unfortunately has not pass because of his business.

Demands of works and hobbies, made him learns a lot of things, from Oracle WebDB, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi to .Net. Since the year 2008, he has made several applications such as Online Dictionary, Internet Cafe Billing System and Personal Sites. Other applications such as YMTiny, and SMS Gear can be seen on his personal blog.

OtomaX Profile

OtomaX, short of Orisinil Topup Machine, is a fully automatic mobile prepaid recharge software developed with the mission to be the fastest and most accurate.

Speed​​, accuracy, and high stability, as well as an easy way of use, making OtomaX Recharge Software has been widely used in Indonesia and several Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.

With a solid community of users and the largest in Indonesia, we believe OtomaX Recharge Software will be a much better software.

Recharge Software OtomaX is developed with high accuracy in order to produce a high quality recharge software. But the bug is possibly come up, for that we would be happy to receive any feedback from users.

OtomaX is © Yusuf Arief Rahmanto

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