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OtomaX 3.6.8 has been released

OtomaX Recharge Software has released update 3.6.8 Here are the revisions:

3.6.8 @30-Agu-2016
– New: System Log shows remarks for topup deposit.
– New: Member balances is backed up to OtomaX-date-balance.txt file automatically.
Smaller size compares to the XML format.
– New: Member cannot be deleted when balance is not 0 (zero).
To minimize the human mistakes.
– New: Parameter Parsing 2 on the module setting. Acts like Parameter Parsing but encrypted for security.
– New: IP Center for T48 or higher editions.
IP Center is a module that accepts transactions via IP (HTTP GET).
– New: IP Client supports OtomaX’s [sign] parameter.
Sign algorithm = encodeBase64(sha1(“OtomaX|” + memberId + “|” + product + “|” + dest + “|” + refID + “|” + pin + “|” + password)).
– New: [aktif2] parameter in the ListDL reply format. 0 = not active, 1 = active.
– New: Transaction request formats with prefix will be prioritized.
Example of format with prefix: TU [product] [qty] [number] [pin] – New: Total Markup column on Member table. Total Markup is program generated value being used to calculate price for downlines.
– New: Recalculate Total Markup on Member page.
– New: Re-process (same module) on transaction data.
– New: Caches REFID transactions with the status Empty, Disorders and Wrong Products.
Repetition of the transaction with the status Empty, Disorders and Wrong Products still get the same status even though the product has been opened (uncheck).
It increases security against the possibility of a delay in IM messages, SMS, or OH due to interruption of network or other supporting facilities.
This does not apply to transactions without REFID or transactions via the IP.
– Fix: Enhances Auto Re-send.
Auto Re-send applies to IM or IP modules, run every 30 seconds in the first 10 minutes from the date of entry of the transaction.
Be careful using this feature because instability in the network can cause unexpected results.
– Fix: Clear Data feature did not delete the System Log.
– Fix: Fatal error: System.ArgumentException in some parts of string processing.
– Fix: Enhances the transaction processing of IP Client.
– Fix: Changing the group at the table Provider must restart OtomaX first, not directly change the price list.
– Fix: Free Edition supports Regex to catch responses.

For download please visit Forum Orisinil.

For more information, please contact OtomaX Center or Partners.

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